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The Human Project Pt 1

Presented by FRISK Festival at the Victorian College of the Arts Performed by Company 2015
Set and Costume Design
Cast/Creators: Ashton Sly, Joseph Lai, Yuchen Wang, Daniel Carroll
Set/Costume Designer: Candice Macallister
Stage Manager: Jonas Anderson

About the Show :

“I know it like the back of my hand”; but how often do you actually look at the back of your hand? Commence the search for the Perfect Human. This original physical theatre piece splices together body parts, personalities, languages and music in a sensory explosion to design the perfect human. The blink of an eye, the depth of a blush, our own physicalities escaping the perceivable range of sound and light. Performers switch from the macro to the micro and back again in dizzying succession. This piece strives to find the very essence of humanity and push it to the point of perfection.

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